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Maras Ice Cream

Maras Ice Cream

Maras Ice Cream is the miraculous invention of Maras dessert chefs. The ice cream is based on another Turkish specialty; a drink called ‘Sahlep’.

The diet of the goats, living around the mountainous Maras area, consist of native astragalus, hyacinth, crocus which add a unique flavour to their milk. Sahlep is made using goat milk and wild orchid roots from Maras region.

A dessert chef by the name of Osman Aga, experimented with Sahlep. He mixed sahleb with sugar and snow, and kept the mixture deep in the snow overnight.  The chewy mixture he found the next day was the most rudimentary Maras ice cream we have today.

As you can tell from the story, what sets Maras ice cream apart is that it’s made using goat milk. Goat milk is boiled at 90 Celsius to cleanse from micro-organisms. Afterwards first sahleb and sugar is added. The mixture is store in minus 6 Celsius for 6-8 hours to give that chewy texture.

Maras ice cream contains Vitamins A, B, C, D and E as well as phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and zinc.

100 grams of Maras Ice cream contains 135 mg calcium, 115 mg phosphorus, 100 mg. sodium, 160 mg. potassium, 0,1 mg iron, 130 mg. Vitamin A, 0,21 mg. Vitamin E 0,25 mg. vitamin B and 0,13 mg. other vitamins.

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