Everything Turkish | Australian sculptor in Cappadocia once again
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Australian sculptor in Cappadocia once again

Australian sculptor in Cappadocia once again

NEVSEHIR – Famous Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers, whose works can be seen through Google Earth, has made six more sculptures for Cappadocia. Rogers, who made two sculptures named “The Rhythm of Life” two years ago in the Karadağ district in the central Anatolian city of Nevşehir, has finished six more sculptures in three months. The sculptures were opened last Thursday at a ceremony.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Rogers introduced his new sculptures named “Threshing Stone,” “Angel Faced Bird,” “Life Tree,” “Double-Body Single-Headed Lion,” “Stone Age” and “First Temple.” He also took photos of the area where the sculptures were erected.

Life styles

“One column of the 12-column sculpture will shine every time the sun goes down thanks to gilt on it and will be seen by everyone around,” Rogers said. “My other works tell of how people move about. This is a group of sculptures showing various life styles,” he added.

Rogers said the Cappadocia region was a very important civilization center in the middle of the eastern and western synthesis. “These sculptures are here because they reflect the old cultures and history,” he said. Rogers noted that about 100 people from the region, especially women and children, were very helpful while doing the sculptures.

altRogers, who is known as “the man who whispers to the universe with stones,” has previously built huge sculptures in Israel, Chile, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Australia, Icelad, China and India. The 10-meter sculptures in Cappadocia are known as the latest works of the sculptor.

source: Anatolia News Agency

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