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Baha Concert in Sydney

Baha Concert in Sydney

Bahattin Gündoğdu (born 17 September, 1969 in Bunyan, Kayseri), known by his mononym Baha, is a Turkish singer-songwriter.

Baha grew up in Ankara. He studied Violin at Gazi University and was leading the first student band (KDV) to give a major concert in the city.

He worked as a music teacher as well as trying his chance in professional soccer. Turning down a chance to be trialled at Galatasaray, he decided to become a professional musician.

Baha is known for his silky voice and romantic lyrics. Each album he released contained the word “Love” in title.

He won the “artist of the year” award in 1999 with his album “Aşkın Tebessümü”

He went on a tour in Europe and Turkey in 2003.

The talented artist will be giving a concert in Sydney in February.


Baha Discography

  • Aşkın Tebessümü (June 1999)
  • Aşk Olmazsa (December 2000)
  • Aşk Acısı (January 2003)
  • Aşk Rüzgarı (April 2005)
  • Aşk Yemini (March 2007)
  • Firari Aşk (May 2008)
  • Aşkı Duymak İstediğin Her Zaman (2010)
  • Aşk Baha’ne (2013)


How to buy tickets for Baha Concert in Sydney

[kopa_button size=”small” color=”red-1″ link=”https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/baha-concert-tickets-20049126477″ target=”_self”]Buy tickets[/kopa_button]


You can purchase tickets for the Baha concert in Sydney on Eventbrite website by following this link.

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