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Behind Soccer’s big names- Bayram Tutumlu

Behind Soccer’s big names- Bayram Tutumlu

Bayram Tutumlu, known as abroad “El Turco”, is one of the leading football managers in the world, He is fluent in nine languages. Mr. Tutumlu was born in Ankara in 1960. He is originally from Diyarbakır. He started his education at Ankara College… He went to Switzerland at the age of 14 to continue with his studies. He had his Ms in Economics, Journalism and Psychology at the University of Lausanne. Bayram Tutumlu is the foremost of leading football managers worldwide.

He started his career by undertaking managership of seven-eight football players of FC Barcelona. When he brought Michael Laudrup from FC Barcelona to Real Madrid CF, this event become a milestone in Spanish football history. World media, European press, Spanish press began to get to know him. He was the son-in-law of one of Spain’s leading families… Bayram Tutumlu is the seventh child of a family with eight children. His father was a contractor, wealthy as a landlord…

While at the University he met the girl that would change his life. He married her in 1984 and had a son from this marriage. In the year Spain was accepted to the EU, He brought in 600 cars from Germany. When he presented one of the Mercedes to FC Barcelona’s technical director Johan Cruyff, he succeeded to sell 500 of those cars to football players. Michael Laudrup, Julio Salinas and Hristo Stoichkov were the players he mostly gained money from during his poker games. That money he spent again on inviting them for dinner.

Life started anew for Tutumlu who went to Spain the same year with his wife. His idol Diego Armando Maradona was then playing at RCD Espanyol. Time passed,.. While Maradona was playing in Italy, Maradona stated that he had five best friends worldwide: Fidel Castro, Carlos Menem, Ariel Ortega, a Naepolitan friend Chiro Ferrara, and Bayram Tutumlu…He became manager of Argentinian Maradona, one of the living legends of world’s football. He brought Maradona three times to Turkey.

In 1993, Michael Laudrup asked Tutumlu to become his manager. Laudrup was not in good terms with the technical director J. Cruyff. President of Real Madrid CF’s re-election was hundred percent guaranteed, if he transferred Laundrup from FC Barcelona. Transfer was debated for a long time. Major acts of protests was organized in front of the Barcelona office. While Ronald Koeman was playing at FC Barcelona, one day he told Tutumlu: “You are fluent in eight-nine languages. You are the son of a wealthy family. Join us and learn this business”. He provided great assistance to players from FC Barcelona in various countries.

Bayram Tutumlu together with the Turkish Journalists and Writers Foundation organized an aid match between Turkish Players Union and Foreign Players Union on September 19, 1995. High profile names such as Turkish PM Tansu Ciller, HE Fethullah Gulen, Soccer Star also participated at this big event. Income obtained from this giant operation named “Everything for the Children of Bosnia” aimed to attract attention to children in war, has been forwarded to children in Bosnia through official channels.

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