Everything Turkish | Celebrities rock up at Antalya for Hotel Opening
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Celebrities rock up at Antalya for Hotel Opening

Celebrities rock up at Antalya for Hotel Opening

The Mardan Palace Hotel, the most luxurious and expensive hotel in Europe, was opened last weekend in the popular Turkish resort town of Antalya. Some people are so hard hit by the recession and some people barely even seem to notice it. The recession apparently hasn’t hit Antalya, the capital of the Turkish Riviera. Azeri Turkish Telman Ismailov is a good example of someone who isn’t too bothered by these crunch times and this is apparent as he has spent $1.5 billion of his money building the most expensive hotel in Europe.

Besides President Nur Sultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan and Turkish Culture & Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay, worldwide famous artists such as Richard Gere, Mariah Carey, Tom Jones, Sharon Stone, Seal, Party girl Paris Hilton and Monica Bellucci attended the opening.

With the owner Ismailov’s Turkish heritage in mind, the architecture takes inspiration from the Ottoman empire and reflects distinctive landmarks of Istanbul – the main hotel resembles ‘The Dolmabahce Palace’ and bridges across the pool are based on original designs of the ‘Da Vinci Bridge’.

The hotel is massive with 560 rooms. The rooms and suites of the hotel are laid out over four distinctive sections. The Dolmabahçe Palace which houses the main Hotel Lobby has its setting inspired by the rich palatial features of the original and historical Palace in Istanbul. The Anatolian Wing is characterized by its traditional Ottoman warm colors and gold furnishings, while the European Wing captivates with its post-modern interior design reflecting simplicity and elegance. The Garden Suites are located in villa buildings set within a sanctuary of beautiful gardens and semi private swimming pools. Out of these, its worth mentioning the 2 ‘Royal Suites’ that will cost you $18,000 a night. A bit on the steep side, but hey you also get your own private “golden” swimming pool. If this isn’t your style of budget then try the regular rooms for $300 per night.

Suites are equipped with remote controlled toilets, flat panel TV’s with a multimedia system, Hermès toiletries and access to a 24 hour butler service. You might want to plan your summer holiday in Antalya as the hotel opens its doors in June. Other amenities here are the spa (which covers 2 acres), the vitamin or Champagne bar and a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus.

The hotel is ready to stimulate its guests’ senses by enjoying a meal in 24 exceptional food and beverage outlets. The hotel offers ten restaurants with different dining experiences and 14 bars and cafes that offer a wealth of choice; from the chic Onyx Bar nestled behind a cascading waterfall – to the energy provided at the Monkey Nightclub bar. Alternatively, for the connoisseur, Mardan Palace offers one of the largest wine cellars in Turkey, with a complete range of portfolio wines to compliment any meal or occasion.
Click to view a larger version of Mardan Palace at Antalya in Turkey

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