Everything Turkish | Mercan Dede to perform at The Arts Centre; Melbourne
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Mercan Dede to perform at The Arts Centre; Melbourne

Mercan Dede to perform at The Arts Centre; Melbourne

Mercan Dede will be returning to Melbourne from a sold out performance in 2008 with his new project Istanbul Quartet. Combining traditional Turkish sufi music with modern beats and electronica; Mercan Dede & Istanbul Quartet will also be featuring a spectacular Whirling Dervish dancer.

Mercan Dede was nominated by the BBC as the best world music artist four years running; his fan base stretches from Australia to North America thanks to his diverse mix of traditional and modern music.

Mercan Dede’s Melbourne performance on November 20 2011; is part of the Australasian World Music Expo (AWME). Tickets can be purchased fromThe Arts Centre website.

Date & Time: Sun 20 November; 7.30pm
Running Time: approximately 2.5 hours
Pricing: Adult: $59.00 / $39.00
Concession*: $49.00 / $31.00
Group (6+): $49.00 / $31.00
Youth (Under 26): $39.00 / $25.00

*Concessions include Pensioners; Unemployed; F/T Students and Seniors

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