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NCTA to celebrate with comedian Tahir & Rocky

NCTA to celebrate with comedian Tahir & Rocky

Turkish Cypriots will be celebrating the anniversary of Cyprus Peace Operation and the liberation of the Turkish Cypriot people which brought an end to the war and peace between the Turkish and Greek communities on the island since then.

Turkish Australian comedian Tahir and his Fat Pizza co-star Rob Shehadie will be the main act of the event. The event will also feature performances by Sydney Gelisim & Kadir band and Turkish Folk Dancers.

The celebration event to be held on Friday, 24 July at the Westella reception venue in Lidcombe.

For bookings and more information please email [email protected] or call 0481 261 017

What happened on 20 July 1974?

The Cyprus Peace Operation, launched on 20 July 1974, was a Turkish military operation of the island country of Cyprus, which was carried out to stop the ethnic cleansing of Cypriot Turks in the hands of Greek terrorist group EOKA-B and the Greek Cypriot military junta.

Prior to Turkey’s intervention, EOKA-B and a group of radical Greek officers staged a military coup and deposed the Cypriot president Archbishop Makarios . The aim of the military coup was the annexation of the island by Greece. Soon after the military junta took over, they announced the Hellenic Republic of Cyprus and started a systematic ethnic cleansing program on Turkish Cypriots.

On 20 July 1974, Turkish forces landed on the island’s strategic landmarks to stop the atrocities by EOKA B and the Greek Cypriot military junta. As a result of the Turkish intervention, the military junta in Greece and Cyprus collapsed.

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