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SWIFT Code for all Banks in Turkey

SWIFT Code for all Banks in Turkey

The Swift code is a special code system used by banks for international money transfers.

How can I send money to a Turkish bank account?

IBAN alone is not enough for international money transfers. Each bank has its own special code called swift code (BIC). For example; if you want to send money to a Turkish bank account with IsBank, besides the IBAN number, you will need the IsBank swift code which is ISBKTRIS. You will also need the branch code as well as the Swift code. There are two important points to note when writing codes; you can not use Turkish characters and you should use capital letters.

The Swift code consists of 11 characters; The first 8 are the bank identifiers and the last 3 digits make up the branch code. Below is a list banks trading in Turkey and their swift codes:

Bank name Swift code
Türkiye Garanti Bank Swift code TGBATRIS
Akbank Swift code AKBKTRIS
Türkiye İş Bank Swift code ISBKTRIS
ING Bank Swift code  INGBTRIS
Ziraat Bank Swift code TCZBTR2A
Halk Bank Swift code TRHBTR2A
Türkiye Finans Swift code AFKBTRIS
VakıfBank Swift code TVBATR2A
Abank Swift code ALFBTRIS
AnadoluBank Swift code ANDLTRIS
ŞekerBank Swift code SEKETR2A
Albaraka Swift code BTFHTRIS
Odeabank Swift code ODEATRIS
TEB (Türk Ekonomi Bank ) Swift code TEBUTRIS
Kuveyt Türk Swift code KTEFTRIS
Yapı Kredi Swift code YAPITRISFEX
Burgan Bank Swift code TEKFTRIS
CitiBank Swift code CITITRIX
Denizbank Swift code DENITRIS
Eurobank Tekfen Swift code TEKFTRIS
Fibabanka Swift code FBHLTRISXXX
Finansbank Swift code FNNBTRIS
ING Bank Swift code INGBTRIS
Turkland Bank Swift code TBNKTRIS
Bank Mellat Swift code BKMTTRIS
Habib Bank Swift code HABBTRIS
JPMorgan Bank Swift code CHASTRIS
Société Générale Swift code SOGETRIS
The Royal Bank Of Scotland Swift code ABNATRIS
Tekstil Bank Swift code TEKBTRIS
WestLB AG Swift code WELATRIS
Türk Eximbank Swift code TIKBTR2A
Aktif Yatırım Bank Swift code CAYTTRIS
Diler Yatırım Bank Swift code DYAKTRIS
GSD Yatırım Bank Swift code GSDBTRIS
Nurol Bank Swift code NUROTRIS
Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bank Swift code TSKBTRIS
Bank Pozitif Swift code BPTRTRIS
Credit Agricole Yatırm Bank Swift code BSUITRIS
Merrill Lynch Yatırım Bank Swift code MLMBIE2XIST
Taib Yatırım Bank Swift code TAIBTRIS
Adabank Swift code ADABTRIS
Turkish Bank Swift code TUBATRIS
Arap Türk Bank Swift code ATUBTRIS
Deutsche Bank Swift code BKTRTRIS
Türkiye Kalkınma Bank Swift code TKBNTR2A
TakasBank Swift code TVABTRIS

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