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Turkish garbage collectors curate their own library

Turkish garbage collectors curate their own library

Whilst tons of books are discarded globally each year, garbage collectors in Turkey are building a library by collecting books off the garbage. The result, reports CNN, is a more than 6,000-book library that now serves the community.

The project began when garbage collectors contracted to Ankara’s Çankaya municipality began collecting books for fellow workers and their families.

But the collection kept growing and soon there was further interest from other people in checking out the growing list of nonfiction and fiction titles. As a result of growing interest and support from the mayor of Cankaya, they decided to build a library.

Although Turkey does have a public library system, run by the Ministry of Culture, in 2017, there was just one public library for every 70,000 people which is very low compared to the average of one public library for every 6,200 people in the European Union.

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