Everything Turkish | Auburn’s friendliest Turkish deli: Arzum Market
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Auburn’s friendliest Turkish deli: Arzum Market

Auburn’s friendliest Turkish deli: Arzum Market

An Auburn institution of decades, Arzum Market is the real deal for authentic Turkish specialties like fresh Turkish dairy products, marinated olives, cured meats, legendary desserts and Turkish dried goods. Led by larger-than-life Arif bey, Arzum market serves up the best of Auburn’s Turkish goods.

A unique Turkish deli

Arzum is a unique Turkish deli. It is designed like a “bakkal” you’d find in 80s Turkey. As well as browsing the aisles, you can directly approach the store-owners and they will happily bring you whatever you are after. If you have any questions about the brand or the goods, they will also make recommendations while bringing your items. Of course, on a busy day this might be a bit tricky to do as this joint is quite popular among Turkish community.

You can find Turkish spices, bulgur, rice, Turkish jams, Turkish tea, Turkish coffee as well as Bosnian goods.

If you are lucky, you will also find some home-grown tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables Arzum market sources from their own network.

Convenient Turkish deli

A few meters away from Arzum market, there is a Turkish butchery which makes shopping very convenient.

Even if you’re not after Turkish stuff, you can still get your cheap groceries here.

Car park near Arzum Market

There is a car-park behind this store, but the entry of the car park is on Northumberland Rd.

If you are after friendly service, this is definitely the place to go.

Where is Arzum Market?

Contact Arzum Market

Phone: (02) 9649 9327

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