Everything Turkish | 15 years ago today: Hakan Sukur
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15 years ago today: Hakan Sukur

15 years ago today: Hakan Sukur

11 seconds. That’s all Hakan Sukur needed to score the fastest goal in World Cup history.

Turkey’s all time goal scorer, a legend at home and abroad, Hakan Sukur did not have the best tournament although Turkey did well. However he managed to score a historic goal on the final game againist Korea.

Hakan Sukur scored the goal during the third-place play-off as Turkey played co-hosts South Korea. South Korean players kicked off and played the ball back towards their back three defenders, who tried to play the ball along the line to give their team mates an early touch.

However Hong Myung-Bo got the ball caught under his feet and lost the ball under pressure from Ilhan Mansiz.

Ilhan Mansiz passed the ball to Hakan Sukur, who slotted home to write himself into the history books.

Turkey went on to win the game 3-2 with Ilhan Mansiz scoring 2 goals both assisted by Hakan Sukur – great partnership between 2 strikers.

Turkey finished the tournament as 3rd, but many Turks couldn’t stop wondering why Ilhan Mansiz and Hakan Sukur was never given a chance to start together in the first 11. Turkey Coach had used Hakan Sukur as a lone striker and Ilhan Mansiz as his replacement during the tournament which had limited the number of goals scored.

The 2002 World Cup was Hakan Sukur’s last world cup, although he continued playing international football for another five years.

The record remains unbeaten.

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