Everything Turkish | Peter Jackson plans to make movie about Battle of Gallipoli
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Peter Jackson plans to make movie about Battle of Gallipoli

Peter Jackson | by Gage Skidmore Peter Jackson | by Gage Skidmore

Peter Jackson plans to make movie about Battle of Gallipoli

Oscar-winning movie-maker and director of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy Peter Jackson plans to make a film about the Battle of Gallipoli, which took place in 1915 during World War I, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the landing of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula.Speaking on a television show on Australia’s ABC channel on Dec. 11, Jackson said he is thinking of making a movie about the Battle of Gallipoli.

Having said in his biography that he wanted to make a Gallipoli movie from a New Zealand perspective such as Peter Weir’s 1981 film “Gallipoli,” the well-known director said he now plans to make a more balanced movie.

I don’t think that we need necessarily to tell a film from a New Zealand perspective, because the ANZAC tradition and the Australia-New Zealand was so intertwined in that particular campaign that I think it’s unnecessary and would be a mistake to do that. … To me it’s been a remarkable part of our history. And Peter Weir obviously made a great movie, but Peter’s movie was set around events of Aug. 7, Aug. 8, 1915. I mean, you know, the Gallipoli was a seven or eight-month-long campaign. And that story is yet to be told on film. So I’d like to do that,” he said on the show. Explaining that his grandfather even won a distinguished conduct medal at Gallipoli, Jackson noted that he visited Gallipoli in 1990 for the 75th year anniversary of the battle.

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