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Top 5 family themed Turkish TV series

Top 5 family themed Turkish TV series

Süper Baba

Years: 1993 – 1997

Fikret is a single father looking after 3 kids. He had made the mistake of marrying the rich-girl Sule instead of his first love Ipek. After his divorce from Sule, he becomes the sole care-taker of his children.

He tries hard to balance taking care of his eccentric family members, his children and his love life. Super Baba was very popular in 90s due to its realistic portrayal of Turkish suburban life and family values.

Starring Sevket Altug, Sumer Tilmac, Julide Kural, Sevval Sam and more.

Ekmek Teknesi

Years: 2002 – 2005

One of the most popular TV series of 2000s, Ekmek Teknesi follows similar setting with Super Baba; suburban family life in an old Istanbul neighbourhood. The story revolves around Nusret Baba (Savas Dincel) who also owns the local bakery, his traditional and overprotective wife and their 4 daughters each with a totally different character. The usage of Ottoman & Istanbul Turkish idioms and phrases, Hasan Kacan’s portrayal of “Heredot Cevdet” and the wisdom of the neighbourhood bum Kirli (Kadir Copdemir) were among the key reasons behind the show’s popularity.

Starring Savas Dincel, Şermin Hürmeriç, Peker Acikalin, Hasan Kacan, Ahmet Yenilmez, Mazhar Alanson and more


Years: 1989-2002

Bizimkiler is the story of seven families living in the same apartment complex in Istanbul. The stories revolve around the dysfunctional landlord Sabri Bey, the scheming doorman Cafer, the obnoxious neighbour Katil and the drama-packed family of Sukru Bey. Despite it’s success, the show was criticies for not reflecting Turkish family life realistically. The show was inspired from the famous Kemal Sunal movie Kapicilar Krali.

Starring Erdal Özyağcılar, Ayşe Kökçü, Atalay Uluışık, Cihat Tamer, Ercan Yazgan and Aykut Oray

Avrupa Yakası

Years: 2004 – 2009

Aslı (Gülse Birsel) works as a periodicalist in a fashion magazine called “Avrupa Yakası”. Her family owned a restaurant and Aslı’s brother, Volkan (Ata Demirer) works in this restaurant. The show based on funny moments between Aslı, Volkan, Aslı’s workmates, Volkan’s friends and Aslı’s parents. Burhan was known as the best comedian on the show because of his funny segments and good acting. He was not in the every episode of Avrupa Yakasi and joined the series in later episodes. They have been nominated to get the group part award on Italy but didn’t win. Ata Demirer was the most famous character on the show. Many say that he was the reason people started to watch the show and people liked it. Still when he left the show had many viewers. As we said Burhan got famous because of the show and his great performances.

Starring Ata Demirer, Gülse Birsel, Gazanfer Özcan, Levent Üzümcü, Şenay Gürler, Hale Caneroğlu, Yavuz Seçkin, Veysel Diker and Yıldırım Öcek.


Years: 2012 –

Heartwarming story of the typical Turkish familiy in 1980s. The story revolves around Ahmet, the oldest child of a mid-class Turkish family who has an old-fashion father who responds with “don’t invent something new now” to every new idea, an overprotective mother who cooks soup every time someone is sick, a sweet and caring sister, a brother who is lazy.

Starring Rasim Öztekin, Özlem Türkad, Şoray Uzun and more.

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