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Arabesque legend in Melbourne

Arabesque legend in Melbourne

Arabesque-pop legend Müslüm Gürses will be performing at Rumelis Restaurant Lounge Bar during November. Having song with powerful lyrics songs expressing sorrow and painful feelings, Muslum Gurses is considered a cult figure in Turkish folk music and has a very dedicated group of fans.

From the beginning of his career until mid 2000s, Muslum Gurses had a very distinctive audience: young, low-income urban misfits or rejects. These fans were mostly the second generation urban youth, with parents migrating from country towns to metropols. They grew up with a culture shock and lived many disappointments, Muslum Gurses was their advocate. His fans,who are called “Muslumcu” (literally Muslumist) would even slash their chest or arms during the concerts to show off their pain and misery.

However Muslum Gurses never approved such acts . After the scenes of fans self-harming to show dedication to their beloved Muslum Baba (Father Muslum) became a hot topic, Muslum Gurses shifted to a more softer songs with an appeal to a broader audience. He started singing world classics as well as Classical Ottoman music, also composing poems from famous left-wing, intellectual poets. His talent and special style have put him to a different place among other arabesque and folk singers. Unlike his early years, Muslum Gurses’ songs are now enjoyed by people from all socio-economic backgrounds.

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