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Winless Natinal team in crisis of confidence

Winless Natinal team in crisis of confidence

Turkish National soccer team is facing a must-win situation with Kazakhstan at Istanbul in its Euro 2016 qualifier to escape a crisis and remain in the race for a spot in the competition next year tomorrow.

Turkey was not rampant in Wednesday’s friendly against Brazil and was eventually defeated 4-0 in front of its home crowd in İstanbul. The national team virtually tortured its spectators at the stadium, who applauded the Brazilians and mostly jeered at their team.

Turkey lacked the fighting spirit in the Brazil match and sent negative signals regarding the long-awaited recovery.

A sluggish Turkey is longing for a victory in its qualifying Group A as the opening three games brought nothing but only one point and a lot of pain for the football-crazed nation. The Kazakhstan match might give a chance for Turkey to start over as a more confident and promising team.

The team national started with a shocking 3-0 rout by Iceland away, which was followed by a 2-1 home loss to Czech Republic. Turkey was tied 1-1 with Latvia in game three but continued to remain on the bottom along with Kazakhstan, also with one point. The least Turkey can do to earn a ticket to France, where Euro 2016 will be held, is to get the third spot in the group and then battle in the qualifying playoffs for the third teams. A loss can potentially put the Euro 2016 dreams on the shelf prematurely.
A disappointing result against Kazakhstan will not only destroy Turkey’s hopes for France but push the nation down in the FIFA country rankings as well. Turkey is currently placed at the bottom of the third pot.

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